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Benefits of getting a personal trainer: smash your fitness goals in 2020!

Whether you’re a seasoned gym-goer or you’re trying to stick to your new-years fitness resolutions; everyone can benefit from the experience and push of a personal trainer.

Here at 360 Gym, we are big advocates for personal training. We understand that going to the gym can be a very intimidating time for beginners. You waste a lot of time walking around trying to choose a machine, and then you don’t know how to do the exercise correctly anyway, which is dangerous and could lead to a severe injury. 

There are plenty of reasons people stop (or don’t even start) going to the gym. Whether it’s due to a lack of motivation, confidence, knowledge, or having clear goals; the hardest thing is just getting started. That’s where having a personal trainer can help. Let’s go into a little more detail around why investing in a personal trainer will help you reach your fitness goals this year. 


We are starting with this as it’s one of the biggest roadblocks people face when starting a fitness journey. We live in a time when nobody seems to have enough hours in the day, so carving out a few hours a week for exercise can seem like a mammoth task if you aren’t motivated to do so. Meeting with a personal trainer can give you the boost you need to keep going to the gym, and the push you need once you are there. Just having someone in your corner, helping you work towards your goals can make a massive difference to your frame of mind. And once you start seeing those results, well, that’s a different story. 


Much like the motivation you need to go to the gym, being accountable is a big hurdle for some. On cold mornings when your bed is warm and getting up seems unappealing, it’s often a case of ‘I’ll start tomorrow’, but when you have a personal trainer waiting for you, you will be out of bed in a flash! They will assist you in sticking to a fitness schedule as well as staying on top of your dietary goals. Knowing somebody is checking up on you is a sure way to keep yourself on track!


A reputable Personal Trainer is trained in not only fitness but nutrition, goal setting and more; making them more of a lifestyle coach then exercise guru. Their knowledge also means you will be learning the proper technique for each machine and movement, and learn how to set realistic fitness and nutrition goals. 

A custom fitness plan

A personal trainer will develop and take you through a custom fitness plan which will help you meet your goals. It will also take into account any injuries or dietary needs you have to ensure it works for you. Usually, your trainer will have a tailored plan based on what stage of your fitness you are at, and they will update it as you work through various stages of your fitness journey, which leads us to our next point…

They keep you challenged

One of the biggest benefits of personal trainers is that you can be doing something different every session, and you don’t even have to think about it! When something becomes too easy? They will make it tougher so you’re always improving. Workouts will be fun and fresh and still align with your fitness goals. 

You’ll see results faster 

Studies have shown that working with a trainer will have you seeing results more quickly. The focus on consistently improving and pushing your fitness, as well as the addition focus on your dietary plan, means everything is working towards your goals. 

They work on your time and schedule

Your trainer will work to your schedule. So whether you prefer mornings, afternoons, or even lunchtime workouts; they will make it work. Just like any other appointment, your gym schedule will work for you, rather than you trying to alter your schedule around an ill-timed fitness class. 

Have we convinced you yet? Make your health and fitness a priority this year and find a local PT that trains, motivates and helps you to meet your health and fitness goals. Better yet? Find a personal trainer who works outside with a 360 gym trailer, so you have all the benefits of a private training or small group training session, with the added benefit of a total gym workout in the sunshine. Fresh air and fitness, what could be better?!

360gym is a mobile gym, that enables trainers to deliver a full strength & functional training service in various formats, including we come to you, one-on-one, small group PT, corporate training and more. Find out more on our trailers through our website or by giving us a call today. 

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The 360gym team have been great to deal with! They have taken time to explain the 360gym and provided excellent support along the way. 360gym have provided exactly what we were looking for, a way to deliver a full-on gym experience on Sydney’s northern beaches. We look forward to growing the business with our partner, 360gym. A wonderful product!”

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