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Benefits of getting a personal trainer: smash your fitness goals in 2020!


Whether you’re a seasoned gym-goer or you’re trying to stick to your new-years fitness resolutions; everyone can benefit from the experience and push of a personal trainer. Here at 360 Gym, we are big advocates for personal training. We understand that going to the gym can be a very intimidating time for beginners. You waste…


Benefits Of Boxing: Why you should start today

Boxing is often seen as a sport for extreme athletes, but that’s just not the case. Boxing is more popular than ever, and for a good reason. Here’s just a few reasons why you should introduce boxing into your fitness regime, stat! Boxing burns fat, fast! Boxing can burn up to 500 calories per session,…


How to keep your fitness goals in check over the festive season


We all now that Christmas is synonymous with eating, drinking, napping and just general relaxation with friends and family. From end-of-year work parties to Christmas and through to the new year; the festive season can wreak havoc on your diet, fitness and overall health if you aren’t careful. We want you to truly enjoy your…


Lower Body Workouts on 360 Mobile Gym

lower body workout

Compact yet extremely spacious, the 360 Mobile Gym is your outdoor fitness solution catering to a range of training styles. Personal Trainers love 360Gym due it’s fully customisable set up allowing you to swap, change and adapt your set-up to suit your fitness services. Did you know that 360Gym caters to a range of fat-blasting…


Upper Body Workouts on 360 Mobile Gym

Who doesn’t love an upper body workout to get the blood pumping and the heart racing? The team at 360gym love an intense upper body workout to sculpt and tone our back, arms, chest and shoulders. The beauty about 360gym is that it offers a complete strength and functional training facility that can deliver a…


Mobile Gyms: 5 Benefits of Outdoor Fitness Routines

360 gym

Mobile gyms are one of the most practical and useful exercise tools to have broken into the fitness industry within the last few years. Not only does 360 Gym allow you to freely exercise in any location, but it also allows people to partake in outdoor fitness. Did you know outdoor fitness is one of…


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The 360gym team have been great to deal with! They have taken time to explain the 360gym and provided excellent support along the way. 360gym have provided exactly what we were looking for, a way to deliver a full-on gym experience on Sydney’s northern beaches. We look forward to growing the business with our partner, 360gym. A wonderful product!”

Grant Epstein – Akuna Fitness, N.S.W. Australia



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