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How to keep your fitness goals in check over the festive season

We all now that Christmas is synonymous with eating, drinking, napping and just general relaxation with friends and family. From end-of-year work parties to Christmas and through to the new year; the festive season can wreak havoc on your diet, fitness and overall health if you aren’t careful. We want you to truly enjoy your time, without skipping lunch, dessert and a drink or two with friends; so we  put together a few tips to get through the silly season with your fitness goals in check. 

It’s all about balance (and portion control)

You don’t have to be ‘that guy/girl’ who eats clean and excludes themselves from the festivities. Still, balance over the Christmas and New Year period can go a long way to not only keep your weight and fitness in check but to keep you from that lethargic post-lunch slump most of us experience. Get off the couch in an afternoon and go for a walk with the dog, or head to the beach with the family for a swim and a game of cricket. These activities are fun and help balance the eating and drinking you partake in.

As amazing as that potato salad, bread roll and glazed ham is; do you really need seconds? Eat slowly and be aware of when you are full. Christmas is a slippery slope to seconds, thirds and even fifth servings throughout the day in true ‘grazing’ fashion; it takes true control to stop when you are full and resist the urge to snack. When are are eating, try to balance out the ham and potato with some extra salad and veg where possible; you will thank us later. 

Set a Realistic Gym Routine

It is the holiday season, after all, so keeping up with your 5-times-a-week workout routine might be a little much to ask. Set yourself a goal to go maybe 2 or 3 times a week, or an amount that you can realistically achieve around lunches, dinners and activities with friends. Be sure to keep variety in your routine with cardio, weights and core work (that’s where the Christmas pudding sits). Get your exercise out of the way first thing in the morning, there’s always so many activities and temptations at Christmas that your afternoon will get railroaded very easily.

Drink In Moderation

Alcohol is one of the biggest contributing factors to weight gain and loss of momentum for a fitness routine over the festive period. While it’s hard to avoid beverages, between lunch with family, dinner with friends, or an afternoon on the beach; the key to limiting calories is in your choices. Beer and wine are the worst for calorie intake so where possible, stick to spirits with soda, tonic or a light soft drink option. 

On that note..

Keep Hydrated

While this one seems fairly obviously, it’s easily pushed down the priority list over the festive period. Especially if you’re having a few of the above beverages! Keeping up your water intake will not only assist in flushing out toxins, it keeps you full for longer AND will help fight the headache you have the next day. 

Christmas is a fantastic time, filled with fun, food, family, and more food; but it doesn’t mean you have to disregard your fitness and health goals. Make some adjustments and keep your health a priority and you’ll not only have a fun and festive season, but you’ll be ready to it the ground running and meet your fitness goals in the new year. 

At 360gym, we’re a father and son team, so we are fortunate enough to push each other to make better choices over the holiday period (though like most people, we still indulge). When we need a workout? Our portable 360gym trailer is a lifesaver. Check out our Facebook to see customers and their 360 gym trailer, or call us today and find out how you can own your own! 

Otherwise, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and keep training! 

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