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Lower Body Workouts on 360 Mobile Gym

Compact yet extremely spacious, the 360 Mobile Gym is your outdoor fitness solution catering to a range of training styles. Personal Trainers love 360Gym due it’s fully customisable set up allowing you to swap, change and adapt your set-up to suit your fitness services.

Did you know that 360Gym caters to a range of fat-blasting and bodybuilding exercises that clients love? We love lower body workouts so much, we thought we would share a few of our favourite exercises which can be achieved with the range of accessories offered in our mobile gym packages.


Squat exercises are arguably one of the best lower body workouts that you can incorporate within your lower body training regimes. This is because the movement engages multiple muscles and joints all at once, resulting in lower body strength, endurance and power. 360Gym offers twin modular squat racks to ensure your clients can receive equally great results, indoors and outdoors.

Barbell Walking Lunge

Targeting the quad muscles, the barbell walking lunge is a lower-body favourite among personal trainers for challenging client’s balancing capabilities. It’s a very functional exercise which translates to other aspects of day-to-day movements including walking and picking items off the ground. 360Gym offers beginners the option to hold the weighted plates before moving more difficult barbell equipment. Being fully a customisable gym is extremely important for 360Gym, to ensure it is a product that suits all levels of experience.

Weighted Lunge

Romanian Dead Lifts

Romanian deadlifts, or RDL for short is another leg blasting exercise which can be achieved using the 360Gym barbells. Targeting the glutes, hamstrings and core, your clients will love the ability to perform challenging yet different muscle building exercises outside the gym. With the ability to add and remove the weights, personal trainers can appreciate adjusting the difficulty to suit a broad range of client’s strengths.

Bulgarian Split Squat

The movement of the Bulgarian Split Squat is challenging to say the least. Using the 360Gym bench, clients can elevate their back leg and isolate their front leg in a squat motion. This movement requires a little more coordination and balance, however, will target a range of lower body areas including quads, glutes, hamstrings, core and calves.

Landmine Squat

Landmine squats are a fantastic exercise movement that engages all of the same muscles and joints as a standard back squat. However, it is a favourite among clients who have problems with back and knee pain. Offering a full range of motion, landmine squats are excellent for protecting the lower back, whilst simultaneously engaging the core. What’s not to love?

Landmine Squat

So, are you looking to change up your training style and offer an outdoor training solution for your clients? 360gym is the outdoor gym solution for you to deliver a complete strength and functional training service wherever, whenever. Contact our friendly team today to learn more about this practical facility, or find us on FacebookInstagram or YouTube. Stay tuned in for our blog next month to learn more about the latest expansion to 360Gym – Jim’s Personal Training.

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The 360gym team have been great to deal with! They have taken time to explain the 360gym and provided excellent support along the way. 360gym have provided exactly what we were looking for, a way to deliver a full-on gym experience on Sydney’s northern beaches. We look forward to growing the business with our partner, 360gym. A wonderful product!”

Grant Epstein – Akuna Fitness, N.S.W. Australia



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