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Mobile Gyms: 5 Benefits of Outdoor Fitness Routines

Mobile gyms are one of the most practical and useful exercise tools to have broken into the fitness industry within the last few years. Not only does 360 Gym allow you to freely exercise in any location, but it also allows people to partake in outdoor fitness. Did you know outdoor fitness is one of the most rewarding forms of exercises you can do for your mind, body and soul?

Whilst most jobs take place at desks all day, there are many health consequences from the lack of exposure to nature and the great outdoors. Personal trainers love 360 Gym as it encourages their clients to change up their routine and to include outdoor fitness which presents many physical and mental health benefits.

The team at 360Gym are so passionate about the mobile gym movement, we’ve decided to list our top 5 benefits of outdoor fitness routines to encourage you to change your workout routine today!

  • Positive Impact on Mental Health

There have been numerous studies on the topic of ‘exercising outdoors’ all of which prove mobile gyms and being active outdoors has a positive impact on mental health. One study performed by the Scottish Health Survey reported there was a 50% greater effect for outdoor fitness than an inside gym. According to these researchers, green spaces, trees and flowers provide us with a sense of balance in our stressful lives.

  • Achieve a harder workout

One of the greatest benefits for exercising outdoors is the constantly changing environment. Challenging terrains will keep your heart rate up allowing you to sustain an efficient rate, rather than the constant movement patterns of cardio machines. Add some weight resistance made available by 360 Gym and you have a workout that is much harder than your traditional routine.

  • Workouts can be ‘Family Time’

Children are extremely impressionable and being a positive role model in their lives is important for setting a healthy household standard. There is nothing wrong with dropping the kids off at daycare or creche, however, getting them involved with physical activity can be fun. The beauty of 360 Gym, is that it can be transported anywhere. Whether you’re exercising in the park, by the beach or any outdoor space, encouraging your kids to play at the park is a fun way you can be active with your family!

  • Cleaner/ Fresher Air

Recent studies have proven that indoor air quality can be more polluted than the outdoor air in the largest, most industrialized cities. People who are exposing themselves to indoor air pollutants for an extended period of time could become chronically ill. This has a greater impact on people who suffer from respiratory or cardiovascular diseases. Whilst the majority of people spend their time in offices with heating, cooling and ventilation systems, the benefits of exercising outdoors made possible by mobile gyms has greater long-term benefits.

  • Increase your Vitamin D intake

Vitamin D is extremely important for maintaining healthy bones and teeth, as well as protecting you from cancer, diabetes and multiple sclerosis. Mobile gyms allow you to have a healthy dose of Vitamin D absorbed through the skin, provided you have a balanced approach to sunlight exposure.

Next time there is a beautiful sunny day outside and you’re dreading being stuck in a dark gym, consider taking your workout outside instead. Looking to change up your training style? 360 Gym is your mobile gym solution enabling you to deliver a complete strength and functional training service in various formats. Contact our friendly team today to learn more about this practical facility, or find us on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

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