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Upper Body Workouts on 360 Mobile Gym

Who doesn’t love an upper body workout to get the blood pumping and the heart racing? The team at 360gym love an intense upper body workout to sculpt and tone our back, arms, chest and shoulders. The beauty about 360gym is that it offers a complete strength and functional training facility that can deliver a fat-blasting and muscle building workout anywhere, anytime.


Are you a personal trainer looking to differentiate yourself and your training service? Do you want to promote an outdoor fitness culture and lifestyle, rather than mainstream indoor gyms? 360gym offers all the perks of training at an indoor gym; however, you choose the location! It’s fully customisable to suit any terrain, so the decision is left to you as to where or when you will pop-up! The park, the beach, training fields or even your client’s home? Mobile gyms are the forward-focused training innovation, taking the fitness industry by storm.


So, you’re probably wondering, “What can this mobile gym offer when planning an upper body workout?” Well, we have the answer. Continue reading on to see a few of our favourite body sculpting exercises that will leave you breathless (pun intended) using our 360 mobile gym.


Back Exercises


  1. Lat Pull-down

Many great upper body workouts start with this movement. Targeting mostly the Latissimus dorsi muscle, you can sculpt your back nicely with this movement. What’s even better is that 360gym offers adjustable resistance settings and a portable seat, so you can perform this movement anywhere and everywhere.

  1. Seated Cable Row

The seated cable row is an excellent all-round compound exercise that focuses on building the middle of the back. Other stabilising muscles come into play when performing this movement, which is also heightened by the fully customisable accessories including the 360gym seat, weighted horizontal cable and footrest.

Shoulder Exercises


  1. One-Arm Cable Lateral Raise

This fantastic isolation movement targets the middle deltoids, offering constant tension on your shoulders. Using the various attachments available with 360gym, you can achieve an intense upper body shoulder workout and even switch between resistances using the pin on the weight stack.


  1. Push Press

Heavy compound fans will love this movement using the 360gym barbell and weighted plates to target the anterior and middle deltoids. The push press is a powerhouse movement which proves to be very useful when using those exact muscles to lift things during your daily life.


Arm Exercises


  1. Triceps Pushdown

This exercise is killer for toning and sculpting your arms. One of the accessories that comes with 360gym is the cable rope attachment which allows you to isolate your triceps and build the muscles in the back of your arms.

  1. Standing Cable Curl

The standing cable curl is a simple, yet effective exercise which isolates the biceps brachii muscle. With adjustable weight resistance which can be accessed from the exterior of the gym, your clients can easily change the cable fittings to suit their own individual needs.

Chest Exercises


  1. Bench press

Another fantastic strength training exercise that builds the pectoral muscles for chest definition, strength and power is the bench press. With multiple safety catch features located on the gym, your clients can rest assure they will achieve a great pump session safely and effectively.

  1. Standing Cable Fly

This is a standing variation to the seated chest fly, which again targets the chest and secondary muscles including the shoulders and triceps. Due to 360gyms ability to be fully customisable, movements like the standing cable fly and its exercise variation is made easy and possible (i.e. low, mid and high cable flys exercises).

So, are you looking to change up your training style and offer an outdoor training solution for your clients? 360gym is the outdoor gym solution for you to deliver a complete strength and functional training service wherever, whenever. Contact our friendly team today to learn more about this practical facility, or find us on FacebookInstagram or YouTube.


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The 360gym team have been great to deal with! They have taken time to explain the 360gym and provided excellent support along the way. 360gym have provided exactly what we were looking for, a way to deliver a full-on gym experience on Sydney’s northern beaches. We look forward to growing the business with our partner, 360gym. A wonderful product!”

Grant Epstein – Akuna Fitness, N.S.W. Australia



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